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Better help for vulnerable animal living

Protecting wild animals and their habitats, including apes, monkeys, tigers, cheetahs, pandas, wolves, to farm animal advocacy for cows, pigs, poultry and ducks. Rescuing dogs, horses and cats.


London Fashion Week goes fur-free for the first time in its 35-year history

The news that London Fashion Week was ditching animal fur for the first time in its history came on the heels of fur-free announcements from a number of high-profile fashion houses, and it was a major victory


New Zealand bans the cruel practice of mulesing

I knew almost nothing about mulesing until I was researching Bleating Hearts, so I don’t expect most people to be aware of this procedure, which is common in the wool industry.


12 Animal Activism Stories That Made Headlines in 2018

The new legislation was driven by research, including a study by Queen’s University in Belfast that found crustaceans are sentient creatures.