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Children Stories

5 Charities That Build Homes For Animal

When the animals being violated are cute, cuddly dogs and cats, and even when they aren’t cute, it infuriates animal lovers. If you’re passionate about pets, make sure to visit these blogs.

Children Stories

Norway to shut down all mink and fox fur factories by 2025

The Amphibian Ark promotes management of amphibians in captivity to boost populations of endangered species throughout the world.

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Sales of cow’s milk decline as consumers switch to plant-based options

No, it’s not perfect, but California’s ban on using animals for cosmetics testing is still a significant victory.


Kim Stallwood on Lobbying, New Vegans, and Staying in the Movement

The new law, which was proposed in 2016, is based on the assumption that animals are “living non-human sentient beings with a nervous system scientifically capable of feeling pain and experiencing other emotions”.